Exhibition: RIECHER


In the exhibition “Riecher”, Wolfgang Georgsdorf is showing former as well as recent art pieces, which – directly or indirectly – are connected to his olfactory work. Either they form it’s basis or they derive from it: Photos of Smeller 2.0 and of the installation “Olfactorium”, sketches from the process of the development, reworked CAD-prints, drawn diagrams, scent-notations and pigment-pictures, of which some even transport scents themselves.
A limited artprint-edition of photos is being released.

Opening: Sunday, 21. April 2013, 7 pm

Galerie Hofkabinett
Hofgasse 12
4020 Linz/ Austria
opening times: Tuesday to Friday, 4-6 pm
Tel. +43 (0)664 38 25 345