NO(I)SE – first olfactory movie via Smeller 2.0


Wolfgang Georgsdorf
Olfactory movie
26 min. sound, colour, scent

The realisation of Wolfgang Georgsdorf’s “Smeller 2.0 / Olfactorium” for the expo “Sinnesrausch / Sensory Sensation” in 2012 triggered multiple possibilities for using the instrument, as scent compositions and scent sequences can now be programmed and replayed with it. Now the artist is presenting NO(I)SE, his first olfactory movie as an installation for the cinema on behalf of the OK-Lab in the Upper Austrian Cultural Quarter in Linz for the filmfestival CROSSING EUROPE. A concentrated intimate chamber piece for cinema, that comes along as a powerful document of the very kinds of signals that form the perceptive components of cinema and its extension: Darkness, light and colour, silence, tone and sound – and now scent.

Opening: April 23. 2013, 5 pm, reception, with an introduction by Wolfgang Georgsdorf

April 23 – 28, 2013
11 am – 10 pm every 60 minutes on the hour
Entry from the half hour until start of film
Daily 5 pm with an introduction by Wolfgang Georgsdorf.
From 5.30 pm until 10 pm open screening every 30 minutes
on the hour and on the half hour

Bridge-Studio / Smeller-Hall
OK-Center for Contemporary Art / Offenes Kulturhaus
OÖ Kulturquartier, OK Platz 1, 4020 Linz/ Austria

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Credits NO(I)SE:

Speaker EVA MATTES / JOSEF MATTES / WOLFGANG GEORGSDORF | Music WOLFGANG GEORGSDORF / FILIP CARANICA | Sound Design FILIP CARANICA | Editing CRISTÓVÃO ABREU DOS REIS | Camera ALEXANDER GHEORGHIU | Smell and colour composition WOLFGANG GEORGSDORF | Smell programming/ Assistance multisensory synchronisation TOMÁ IVANOV | Advisory smell programming and multisensory synchronisation MATTHIAS HAENISCH | Technical and cinematographic advice / calculation pool of colours CHRISTOPH MANZ | Production assistant CLAUDIO THAMM | Author, director, producer WOLFGANG GEORGSDORF | Commissioned by OK Offenes Kulturhaus at OÖ Kulturquartier | Special Thanks to all sponsors of Smeller 2.0