Osmodrama via Smeller 2.0 winning the Art and Olfaction Award

Wolfgang Georgsdorf and the project Osmodrama via Smeller 2.0 Berlin 2016 is the winner of the Art and Olfaction Award 2017, issued by the Los Angeles based Institute of Art and Olfaction in the category Experimental Work with Scent (Sadakichi Award)

Thanks to the jury and to the team of the IOA / AOA for the grand award ceremony on 6th May 2017 in Berlin.



Thanks to Saskia Wilson-Brown and Klara Ravat for organizing the preceeding scent summit of the IOA on the 5th of May 2017.

More on www.artandolfactionawards.org and www.artandolfactionawards.org/osmodrama-smeller-2-0-sadakichi-2017/